Your Partner and Gateway to Cryptocurrency

The Vision

To have a multi-product platform that includes a cryptocurrency exchange a Masternode coin a VMN hosting services as well as a utility coin, the Cryptrox Coin (CXC).

The Mission

In line with our slogan, “Your partner and gateway to cryptocurrencies, CryptroX aims to bring new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the mainstream and tap into this untapped market. CryptroX will make this possible by making cryptocurrencies accessible by providing a user-friendly, transparent and reliable multi- product platform.

The Exchange

The CryptroX exchange is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange that aims to revolutionize and simplify access to cryptocurrencies in emerging market. First ever crypto currency with Security at A+ level on Mozilla Observatory by using login pin and whitelisting IP address, KYC done manually to protect members information and privacy, and increased speed of 10 000/min to name only a few pointers that make Cryptrox trading experience different.
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Virtual Masternode (VMN)

The VMN (Virtual Masternode) makes masternode hosting easy and simple for non-tech users. Masternode hosting fees will be paid for with CXC earned in rewards.
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Coin Utility

The Utility Coin

The CryptroX (CXC) coin is a Masternode coin and utility coin. As a utility coin, it can be used on the exchange, offering traders 50% discounted trading fees if using the utility coin.

The Master Node Coin

The CryptroX coin (CXC) is the first Masternode (MN) coin to be issued in Africa and the first that offers on-chain Masternode, where all the Masternode transactions are automatically recorded in the blockchain and resolves chain split issues.
On Chain Masternode, where all the Masternode transactions are registered in blockchain.

Coin Specifications

Name: Cryptroxcoin
Symbol: CXC
Max Supply: 150 M
Premine: 25 M
Block Time: 2.5 Min
Block transaction size: 100 KB
Block Size: 2.5 MB (60 TPS)
Masternode collateral : 500 K
Algorithm: x16r
Miner Reward: 0.05
Consensus: POW
Masternode Reward: 1.25 (50% / Year)
(All MN Paid on Each Block)